St. Joseph Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Oshawa has been serving the Syro-Malabar Catholic community in Durham Region since 2018. Since the establishment, the parish has been growing day-by-day to new heights under God's Grace.

We are a vibrant community of Syro Malabar Catholic families residing in the Durham Region, the largest geographical jurisdiction in the east – end of the Greater Toronto Area. We felt the desire to establish a community to preserve our identity and to inculcate the tradition to our children, with consistent prayers and working towards to have a place of workship, the faithful community of Durham Region, then Kaikkarans Mr. Saji Karyadiyil and Mr. Antoney Vattavayalil approached our Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil, then Vicar of St. Thomas Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Scarbourough.

With a prayerful thoughts and detailed discussion, His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil understood the difficulties faced by the community residing in the Durham Region facing, especially in the winter season, travelling anywhere 40 to 60 Kilometers to attend the Holy Qurbana.

Constructively, we have approached the Archdiocese of Toronto, to facilitate and accommodate the faithful community of Syro Malabar to have a place of worship in Durham Region. After Visiting many churches and talk to the respective parish priests, by God's Grace, finally our heavenly father graciously blessed us with St. Philip the Apostle Roman Catholic Church at 1314 Oxford St, Oshawa which was inaugurated by then Protosyncellus (Vicar General) of Eparchy of Mississauga, Monsignor Fr. Sebastian Arikat on August 19, 2018.

Fr. Jacob Edakkalathoor as our first parish priest with about 100 families and we grew in spirit and numbers as a mission in the name of St. Joseph as our parish's Patron Saint. By the Grace of God, in 2019 when the Exarchate was elevated to the status of Eparchy, His Eminence Mar George Alencherry came to Toronto performed the ceremonies, we were fortunate to have him at our Parish with the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ in the presence of Mar George Alencherry and dear Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil elevated our Mission to a Parish on May 26, 2019 . God's hands were upon us and the community in great spirit to a vibrant and active parish with more people joining the parish from the nearby places such as Bowmanville, Port Perry, Courtice, Port Hope. 

In 2019, Rev. Fr. Jose Alencherry became the parish priest and he enriched the parishioners with his knowledge and experience to a higher level. In October 2020, Rev. Fr. Tenson Paul became our parish priest and the parish grew ever stronger under his leadership and guidance. Post COVID-19, the parish community came back into the church with full of vigor and energy, and we started the regular Sunday Holy Mass and Catechism Classes. 

The need for full-time service of our parish priest to the parish community felt more and that led the parish community of thinking to have a place to for our parish priest to stay in Oshawa, so that we could get his full attention to the growth of the St. Joseph parish community. God's hands were upon us as said, when you ask God for a flower, he will give a garden and that is the case with the St. Joseph parish community. We started looking for a house in Oshawa area and God a had a bigger plan and provided us with 15 Harmony Road North, Oshawa. When the property came into the market, we took it seriously and approached our beloved Mar Jose Kalluvelil Pithavu with our dreams and goals, after hearing all about our wishes and the plan presented by the leadership of Fr. Tenson and Kaikkarans Mr. Antoney Vattavayalil and Mr. Saji Karyadiyil along with other parish members had a fruitful discussion upon which Bishop gave the permission to proceed and Mr. Antoney Vattavayalil was entrusted to be the realtor for the transaction. We have submitted our offer on July 10th, 2022 and with the blessing of our Lord and the great support, contributions and excellent team work made it possible to have a church of our own and the church was dedicated to the community, blessed by His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil on December 24th, 2022 at 06:00PM.


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Timeline of Major Events

  • August 19, 2018Established as a Mission Church

    Rented a local Catholic Church in Oshawa, which was inaugurated by then Protosyncellus (Vicar General) of Eparchy of Mississauga, Monsignor Fr. Sebastian Arikat on August 19, 2018, and started as a Mission under the Syro-Malabar Catholic Eparchy of Mississauga, Canada.Rev. Fr. Jacob Edakalathoor was appointed as a first Vicar of the Mission.
  • May 26th, 2019, Raised to the status of a Parish Church

    On May 26, 2019, the St. Joseph Syro-Malabar Mission was raised to the status of a Parish, by Major Archbishop of Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, His Beatitude George Cardinal Alencherry and by His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil, the Bishop of the Eparchy of Mississauga, with a new title, St. Joseph Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Oshawa, with its boundaries stretching from Lake Ontario in the south to Lake Simcoe in the north.
  • November 28th, 2022Purchased New Church Building

    After overcoming various struggles since the month of July 2022, on this day, by the Grace of God, the Church situated at 15 Harmony Road N, Oshawa was successfully purchased by St. Joseph Syro-Malabar Catholic Church Family on November 28th 2022.
  • December 24th, 2022Blessing of the New Church Building

    On the beautiful evening of Christmas, Holy Trinity, through the hands of His Excellency Mar Jose Kalluvelil, Bishop of Eparchy of Mississauga, Canada has blessed the New Church Building and its surroundings on December 24th, 2022 which started around 06:00 PM and the event was followed by Christmas Holy Mass.